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consolidate the random
How to Make It Easier to Clean Kids’ Rooms

When stuff seems to defy organization (where to put old valentine’s cards or craft projects?) this technique simplifies the process to clean kids’ rooms.

toys on shelves
How to Simplify & Declutter the Toys

How to teach your kids to simplify and declutter toys.

toy backpack
1 Backpack of Toys, 2 Kids, 3 Months

When we took our two children (ages 4 and 1½) to Italy for three months, the only toys we brought with us fit inside one child’s backpack. My top picks for small toys.

Nursery - Lane and Tom
Lane & Tom’s Shared Nursery Tour

Lane (age 3) and Tom (5 months) share a bedroom in our two-bedroom apartment. See how we made it a room for both of them to enjoy.

Dollhouse Kitchen
Your Child’s Keepsakes, 30 Years Later

What will you keep for your children as they grow older, and what do you do with that stuff when your children have grown?

Try it Together: Managing Your Pre-Schooler’s Toy Collection

It was time to clean out my three-year-old’s toys, but I wasn’t as ready for it as she was.

play tree
Streamline Toddlers’ Toys for Post-Christmas Sanity

If a toy is usually tossed onto the floor instead of being played with, it might be time to box up a few of the toys.

20080926 - Lane
Small Space Solutions: Organize a Toddler’s Toys and Books

Is is possible to live in a small, uncluttered space with kids? Easy solutions to prevent having a house overrun with toys.