5-Minute Sewing Project: Ribbon Belts

A Ribbon Belt might be the simplest sewing project ever.
RibbonBelts-4 Measurements

Length of ribbon: waist plus 6-8 inches (I use 28 inches for a little girl.)
Ribbon width: 7/8 inch
Metal D-Rings: 1 inch

Hint: Choose ribbon that looks good on both sides.


Tip: To prevent frays, wrap a piece of tape around the ribbon, and then cut down the middle of the tape. I leave the tape on, and sew right over it.

RibbonBelts-21. Add both D-rings to one end of ribbon. Roll the end under and pin it to sew.

RibbonBelts-32. Roll the other end under and pin it.

3. Sew across the width of the ribbon on both ends.

RibbonBeltsThat is all there is to do!

A set of these would be a cute handmade gift to bring to a little girl’s birthday party.

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