Organizing Your Children’s Clothes Storage


Having cute baby clothes in a drawer usually means having off-season, different-sized children’s clothes stored somewhere else in the home. It’s hard to organize it all!

We received a generous pass-along of baby boy clothes from size newborn to 4T. Those new additions plus the little girl clothes we already had meant it was finally time to do something about our clothes storage.

Generally, getting organized is not about finding the ideal storage container. Sorting and donating always come first, and the times that you need to buy something new to store something else should be few and far between. I had been storing children’s clothes in a large bin, plastic bags, and even paper grocery sacks. The trouble with the big bin was that everything was jumbled, making it hard to find a current size, and the clothes in bags wouldn’t stack.

When the amount of  clothes suddenly doubled, I decided to switch to tote boxes. In this case, the totes did make it easier.  They’re sweater-box size, and they stack at the top of the closet.


I don’t know if I should feel satisfied or afraid. I’m happy the clothes are organized, but it’s rather overwhelming to see how many there are. Even after sorting through them, it seems like a lot of boxes, and there will likely be more.

How to keep the clothes storage from taking over your space:

1. Have a limit. The totes limit how much storage space we can fill. Each size has to fit in only one box.

2. Limit the keepsakes. For each kid I have one tote of sentimental clothes to keep, so I won’t accidently give away the hospital hat or heirloom sweater. Anything else not in that tote can be freely given away when I’m ready.

3. Keep the best stuff. Don’t keep anything worn out or stained. Nicer clothes show less wear, and play clothes can be easily replaced.

4. Don’t accept extra handed-down clothes, just because they’re free. When we were offered all of these little boy clothes, I only took home a small portion of them, although I could have taken more. There was enough clothing for several families, so I got to be selective and pick out my favorites, the things I knew we would use.

What’s a reasonable amount of clothes for children?

My preference is to have one week’s worth of clothes in the current size and season for each child, so that I can go a week before doing laundry. Sometimes we have a little more, but that’s my preferred amount so that everything can be fully used.

Baby clothes are really hard for me to give away. Over time it gets easier, but not yet. For now, I keep them. I really like them, and they will save us quite a bit of time and money if we have more kids. What have you done with your children’s clothes?
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  1. Great stuff. I have had “organize the boys’ clothes” on my running to-do list now for a couple of months. We use the huge bins and I am finding the same problem.

    In the top pic what are you using for drawer dividers?

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  2. Those look like IKEA separators in the drawer…and is that where you got the sweater boxes? I’ve been looking for storage containers for just the same thing and they seem to be so expensive! Thanks for sharing :)

    Tara´s last post…Green Smoothie Challenge 2009

    • Yes, those are drawer separators from IKEA. Perfect for small clothes.

      For the tote boxes, I finally just bought them after realizing the total value of the clothes being stored inside each one. We don’t spend much on kids’ clothes, but so many small clothes can fit inside each box that it began to seem worth it.

      • Jennifer says:

        What size are the tote boxes? I know you said sweater size, but is that the 56 quart? Or smaller? Thank you!

        I’m getting ready to organize my kid’s clothes. I’ve been using the big rubbermaid totes, but hate sorting thru the whole thing every season. I love the idea of separating everything out into smaller boxes!

  3. Yes, I’ve gotten SO many hand-me-downs over the years. Always so grateful for them, BUT also feel a little overwhelmed when someone hands me a HUGE container to go through.

    Like you, the first thing I do is go through and get rid of what I don’t want. I get rid of anything that I don’t absolutely LOVE, and that helps get the amount of clothes under control.


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  4. This is interesting food for thought. Generally I, like you, am a minimalist. I personally only own about a week’s worth of clothes in each season, and the rest of my house and stuff is very organized. However, when it comes to baby clothes, I struggle with a fear/hoarding mentality. We’ve been given so much stuff for him. His clothes that I’m storing for future kid number two threaten to take over one wall of our garage. It’s like I’m scared to give any away, because he goes through so many clothes because of spills, diaper leaks, dirt from playing hard outside,etc. I’ve decided parenting a boy = stain removal! I may need to give thought to the idea of 1 week’s worth of stuff at a time…although I may expand it to 10 days since we have so much cute stuff to pick from. :)

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  5. I definitely have switched to the large tote size. I try to limit all the clothes of each size to fit into one tote when we store them. As they get older though just the snow pants and snow coat will nearly fill one up!

    I definitely have more than one week of clothes for my girls. The older ones wear the same size and I would guess we have about a week and a half worth of clothes. That feels like a lot when you see it all! 20 size 4 short sleeve shirts! That doesn’t include the fall or winter clothes in that size! My third child will have WAY too many of each size when it is her turn to wear them all! I definitely get rid of things when they are stained (or applique over the stain) and pass down a lot. I don’t save anything as sentimental except things their great grandmother knitted them.

    Andrea @ The Train To Crazy´s last post…Deja vu

  6. Yes, giving away is so hard – my daughter will be 3 in November and I had been holding onto all of her clothes. I finally realized that what I was holding onto wasn’t really her clothes, but the memory of her being little – as if somehow I would forget those early years by letting go of her clothes!

    I have a 3 month old son now, and even if I ever have another girl, it will be a while – and those clothes were just sitting there. So I kept the memorable pieces, consigned some things, lent some out and donated the rest.

    It was fun sorting through the pieces and remembering her toddle around in a lot of them. And I thought I’d feel sad letting those clothes get away, but I actually felt better that they were not going to “waste” just sitting in a closet – and now I have so much more room (for the hand-me-down boy clothes I’ve just inherited!).

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  7. Great idea, thanks!

    Laryssa @ Heaven In The Home´s last post…What Is That Bird?

  8. Sandra Gonzales says:

    My daughter is 10 years old and I’ve kept about 6 pieces of clothing that bring cherished memories to mind. The rest I give to a family with 3 little girls that go to my church.

    Seeing them happily wear my daughter’s clothes makes it alot less difficult parting with it.

  9. We receive some handed-down clothes for our 3 year old, plus I have some purchases I made at end of season clearances with a gift car. Until this weekend they had been stored in several cardboard boxes in the basement; not an ideal long-term arrangement!

    We made a trip to Ikea and invested in two generous-sized under the bed nylon boxes. Everything fit in perfectly. We have one box for size 4T and another for sizes 5-6. I decided not to store items more than 2-3 sizes larger than his current size, just to keep things manageable. It’s also important to keep a tally of what you have stored away; this way you know what gaps to fill in when free items or good deals come your way.

  10. I have two girls. I am finding the 2nd doesn’t always like the clothes the first one had. Although today she is going around in the frilly dress with an extra skirt underneath to make it even more frilly.
    I tried to use totes I already have instead of buying more so some are really too big for one size/season of clothes. That does make it more hard to find things when they are needed. I did have several families give me their old clothes when I had my first. After letting all the outgrown clothes pile up I finally took two days to sort out the things I had used and wanted to keep into bins. Things I had never used or didn’t like when I used them went to a thrift shop. I think I had three large bags. It was very freeing when it was done. Now I need to do the same in other areas of the house. Plus my second has toliet trained – time to strip and put away the diapers. I think I have almost too much space and am tempted to store more then I really want to keep.

  11. Jessica Lucas says:

    I have two girls and decided to make a baby clothes quilt out of the clothing that had sentimental value or ones that were used up by my two girls. While I did struggle with cutting up perfectly good clothes, I remembered that I donated ALOT of clothing over the years. The quilt (almost finished!) is such a great way to keep my memories without extra clutter.

    • This is a lovely idea. I’m keeping some of the more special clothes with appliques etc and this sounds like a perfect idea. if I ever have the skill!
      Karen (Scotland)

  12. I’m in the process of figuring out what to do with our baby clothes. We also are blessed with a lot of hand-me-downs, but there are many items that neither of my daughters has even worn either because we just have too many or because the seasons don’t line up. To keep or not to keep?

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    • Go shopping through those clothes and choose your favorites, then let go of the rest. One thing about hand-me-downs is that there will probably be more in the future.

  13. After our firs babies (twins), I saved practically everything. When baby #3 came along, I decided to go back through the clothes and only keep items that I really loved, were in good quality, and were not terribly out of style. A lot can happen in 3 years. For me, it became easier with each baby. I learned what was a keeper and what was not. Thanks for the tips on storage. I need the help with organizing.

    Stacie @´s last post…How To Make Books Come Alive With Your Toddler

  14. This is exactly the same idea I had… I don’t have kids yet, but when I do I plan to have them in totes by gender/size/season just like you have here. Since i want to have 3-4 kids I figure it’ll be worth the time to make sure that they’re organized properly since it will be a money-saver for subsequent children.

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  15. I’m really glad you posted this! I have been struggling with how to store my daughter’s clothes – both the clothes that she has outgrown and the clothes she has yet to grow into. Last weekend I sorted them by size and put them in cardboard boxes, but I was still unsatisfied with my method. I was wanting to buy storage bins such as you posted about, but wasn’t sure. Now, I’m ready to invest in a few bins so that things are neatly organized and ready for giving/a new baby.

    Tammy´s last post…~Ripple-in-Progress~

  16. We have a similar system, though I haven’t been as thorough in the weeding-out process. A month or two before this new baby arrives, I plan to get the tubs out of storage and weed through them.

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  17. We have always used totes to store the kids clothes in the basement. I kept my daughter’s clothes until my son was born. We knew we were done having kids, so I sent out an email with the sizes and had them all given away by the end of the week. They were mostly hand me downs, so I didn’t want to sell them. Now, I either give away my kids clothes as they outgrow them or send them to a local consignment store to make money for new clothes!

    Marci@OvercomingBusy´s last post…Menu Plan Monday – August 24, 2009

  18. Thank you for inspiring me :)

    I have been trying to figure out what to do with all of my daughter’s clothes. We are hoping to have more children in the future, so I don’t want to get rid of all of it, but I really do need to give away a few things. There is just too much, and it’s not necessary!

  19. First, you know I drool when I see those neatly stacked bins.
    Second, whaddaya mean, “IF you have more kids”??? Hahahahah!

  20. I think this is my first ever comment here. :-) We used to use tubs but have a reeaaaaaally small house and even stacked tubs too up too much space. SO, we bought those vacuum space bags. I put each size in its own bag and vacuum the air out – they take up so much less space, stack, and slide easily under beds.

    • What a great idea! I get overwhelmed thinking about organizing my (growing) supply of clothes and hadn’t even thought of those. Thanks :)

  21. This is great – congrats on such an organized pile of clothes!

    I only have one child (boy, one year) and already the clothes are astounding. For now, I have three tall, thin laundry baskets in our closet: one for N-3 months, one for 3-whatever size he’s at now, and one for what comes next. I don’t anything too far in advance because he’s proven tricky to clothe.

    One of the things about kids’ clothes that REALLY bugs me is the wide size discrepancies. I can box something that says 6 months, but what do I do with a 6-12 months sleeper? He could have worn it at 8 months, but that doesn’t mean our next kid will.

    • I’d put a 6-12 months sized sleeper in with the 6 months clothes. Better to find it while it’s too big than when it’s already outgrown.

  22. This looks like the whole right hand side of my attic! I have two boys (4 and 3), a girl (1) and another on the way. We never found out the sex of the first three but I am very tempted to do so this time just so I can weed out some of the clothes in the attic!

    I also do the one-week’s clothes is enough system. Everything is hung on coathangers in outfits as my hubbie struggles otherwise. I find I have to do laundry so frequently that there is no need for lots of outfits. It also means that outfits are REALLY stained and “done” byt the time they grow out of them, rather than just a bit worn. Easier to be ruthless and chop them up for rags when they look like that!

    Karen (Scotland)

  23. What perfect timing- thanks for the post! I’m sitting in my daughter’s room, sorting through her drawers and closet before back to school (and while she’s at a water park with friends). I find it’s impossible to get her to part with anything. But it makes such a big difference to go through the process from time-to-time, and a clean room is a great way to start the school year.

  24. I do the same thing! =)

  25. Hay you your little clothes look perfect… I don’t use tubs, just gift bags in our linen cupboard. A gift bag per size means we only keep the very best. Somehow with hand-me-downs and so on we always seem to have enough and I what was the perfect out-fit for one child doesn’t always look so fabulous on another… I am very discerning: totally and absolutely love it or out it goes. I never have a problem with people dropping off huge bags of hand-me-downs, sometimes I keep none of it… I reckon I am doing them a favor and pass them on to the local shelter (we live in Cape Town, South Africa and their is poverty on our doorstep, literally – no problem looking for a place to donate). Often people battle to get rid of their stuff, it was their child’s most precious outfit and so on, well I reckon by providing a drop-off point half their battle is won.

    se7en´s last post…This Week This Week (24th August) at Se7en…

  26. Your storage is wonderful. I used to do the same thing with diaper boxes. You couldn’t see in them, but I marked the sizes. I’m quite impressed with your system.

    As far as clothes go, two little girls gave my first girl all of their EXPENSIVE newborn through 3T clothes. My youngest daughter wore them too and we passed them on to my sister who had 4 little girls. We’ve laughed at the pictures of the clothes going from girl to girl. Their generosity saved me a lot of money and my girls got to wear much more expensive clothing than I could have afforded. They held up fairly well, and made it through 8 little girls wearing them!

    mrs. e´s last post…A Tribute to Press ‘N Seal

  27. I can’t bring myself to get rid of any of my youngest’s clothes yet. He’s nine months old, and everything is sitting in a hamper in my basement. Maybe I’ll get around to organizing it and agonizing over what I’m going to keep and what has to go. Since this is more than likely my last baby, I know that I won’t need any of it…but still…it’s the things that I had to change seventeen times a day when he spit-up all over the place, and the things he wore when he first came home that didn’t even remotely fit him. He was tiny in those clothes, and now he’s so big…

    Amanda´s last post…Back to School

  28. 1st we have the exact same dresser. mine is from my great aunt who gave it to my mother who gave it to me. and I have the bed and nightstand too but two of the handles have split in half and I can’t find replacements anywhere – any ideas? I’ve looked online at several sites and restoration hardware. anyway…i had size newborn to 2T given to me by a family friend when my son came home from the hospital. since he was just under 4lb at birth even nb was big. I washed it all and sorted it by size and then season.i had a ton (she had 2 boys and my sister had sent her stuff from my nephew some of it was 4 yrs old but looked brand new). I don’t limit how much I have. honestly in the summer he can go through 2 or more outfits a day with water play and popsicles. he often didn’t wear an outfit more than once esp under 6 mos. I then passed it along to others. I’ve always kept a diaper box or 2 (huge size) open in the closet and as things get too hard to put on throw them in to give away.or as I’m putting away wash I throw it in a box as I just did with his 18 mos stuff. i also have been ordering next season/year’s clothes when on sale and just make sure to go through seasonally to pull out stuff. (spent 60 bucks on 8 outfits)since he’s now in 2T I’m down to one bin instead of two. I try to keep in my mind what we have so if I’m in the mall and see a sale at gymboree or the children’s place I know we need a sweater. or carter’s we need some pj’s. I use the same dividers in his drawers but more limited (his are ikea drawers and I just stack in piles of similar items). one bin for socks, one for unmatched and go through every few weeks and match up. the big issue is brands run so different e.g., talbots small, gymboree large, you’ve also gotta eyeball it. sams club is a great resource too once I’ve unpacked all the clothes we have & need something because mid season their stuff if lots cheaper than it was at the start. so I get pants and shirt for 5 bucks or less. sunsuits were 3.

  29. great post. i have posted about this before. we do something similar with toys as well.
    what is your baby count down now?

    nicola´s last post…on thrifting…

  30. Denise C. says:

    When I was pregnant with my son, I held on to E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. in case future kids were boys. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I broke up my son’s infant clothes and passed on 2 bags to my nephew and a dear friend (also having a boy).

    With my daughter, I’m having a bit harder time parting, only because she is my last child and, I’ll be honest, little girl dresses are so darn cute! With the recent purchase of a home though, I decided it was time to go through them. I donated my daughter’s items between a battered woman’s shelter, and a homeless shelter in our area. I kept the E.X.T.R.E.M.E.L.Y sentimental items for her memory box (same for my son).

    Both kids have about 1 weeks worth of clothes, and I use this tip (courtesy of the happyhousewife blog, if kids clothes are stained (and my kids had some doozies) use Oxy Clean and HOT water. Fill a bucket with HOT water, 1C of Oxy Clean (not the bleach kind) and let the clothes SOAK. Sometimes over night- the stains come right out! Rinse in cool water, and run through a cycle in the wash.)

  31. I find that newborn to one year’s clothes seemed to be outgrown so fast, I need to change every month, as they grow so much in early years. I like your system, I should follow it. I put those in non-clear tubs with labels, but using clear tubs surely would be much easier.

    How is your pregnancy going? You are due soon right?

    Zengirl´s last post…Learning from 4 years old

  32. There may be many of them, but sometimes you really need that! Like with kids! So I wouldn’t worry about the quantity. It is such an efficient and actually quite attractive way of storing them… well done!

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  33. We knew our twins would be our only children and as soon as the girls grew out of their clothes we gave them away, good stuff to friends, ok stuff to good will and the rest in the trash/recycled. It was too overwhelming as we had probably 3 weeks worth of outfits per child.

    Now we dump it in a big bucket in their closet, wait til the next season and then give it away. This time we are actually having a tag sale as the girls clothes are very good quality (would sell on e-bay if I had the patience).

    I save a few choice items and put them in a closet and they will eventually be moved to a box for each girl. Keeping stuff for us is not practical…and someone else can always use the clothes.

  34. I’m sure that just about a weeks worth of clothes is fine…if you have at least 2 changes of clothes for each day! Especially during those potty training years. When we had our first I couldn’t believe how much laundry resulted from such a little person.

    I’ve been lucky to have 3 girls and able to use the clothes over and over. I do have them in the larger totes, sorted by size, and sometimes also season. Bulky sweaters, sweatshirts, etc tend to take up a lot of space. Also, while the clear totes are nice, the rubbermaid roughneck totes are much tougher. I’ve had the clear ones break on me during moves, or an unfortunate fall off the table.
    I also have shoes sorted by size in 2 gallon ziploc bags and all of those are in a tote. I don’t keep the girls’ athletic shoes, or any that they wear out, just mainly dressy church shoes or boots that don’t get as much wear and can be passed on to the next one.

    We are expecting our fourth and probably final, a boy in Nov., but I’m not quite ready to part with all my girl stuff just yet.

    Holly´s last post…Bicycling Advice – Always Wear Your Helmet

  35. This post is so timely for me. We just moved and with two little boys, the piles of clothes are huge. With #1, I used to keep the outgrown clothes in large bins, but there got to be too many, so now I use space saver bags. I can fit 1 bin into each bag and 3 bags takes up as much space as 1 bin used. Also, I limit 1 year of life to 1 bag. [0-12mos, 12-24mos, 3T, etc] I’m currently doing a major overhaul of all the clothes, as the 3rd and final child is about 3 years away. My bets are on a 3rd boy, so I don’t want to completely get rid of everything. I’m keeping just those clothes I loved and I’m severely limiting the clothes that I buy or my mother buys for my kids. This means the 1.5 y.o. will probably not ever have new clothes. Life is so rough, isn’t it? :) I also decided to basically limit their wardrobes to 10 T-shirts, 7-10 long sleeve shirts, 4 or 5 shorts, 4 or 5 pants, and 10 pairs underwear. This means I don’t have to do laundry ON the 7-day mark and allows for changes on extra dirty days. [Remember, I’ve got 2 boys.]

    And for getting rid of clothes, I tried using kid consignment places, but they hardly take anything and hardly pay anything for it, so I’ve found greater satisfaction in passing on the great stuff to friends and family and donating or chucking the rest.

  36. Thanks for writing this post. I’m glad to know that other people have difficulty letting go of their kids’ clothes. I have boxes upon boxes that I want to go through, but I don’t know if we’ll have more children and I don’t want to admit that my babies are growing up.

    Erica´s last post…More Felt Food!!!

  37. An other use before you give them all away:

    My mom saved some of my outfits when I was a baby and gave them to me to use as doll clothes. I loved using them and hearing the stories of how I wore them and which family friend gave that outfit to me. Then when my little girl was born 7 weeks ago my mother gave them back to me (after much work to getting the stains I had put in them as a little girl!) and my little girl has worn them. These outfits that were special to my mother are also special to me!

  38. I so enjoy your blog!

    I did something like this about a year ago. My daughter and son have a huge (mostly empty closet), and so it seemed like a great place to store all of our bins of clothes. Everything was clean, folded, and organized. Then, one day during “quiet time” my 3 year old opened every bin and dumped them together on the floor, in the hopes of finding the perfect clothes for her doll. It was all very amusing and made me smile, but I haven’t recovered from the disaster…all I could handle doing is shoving all the clothes back in bins in a messy, haphazard, disorganized way. One day I’ll do it all over again. Words of advice – store these bins up high and away from little hands!!!

  39. Size N-3 mo. fit great for my daughter’s Cabbage Patch Dolls (which used to be mine!)

    I’m in a different quandary. My parents have somehow made me the keeper of not just mine but a few outfits from my DAD. What do you do with 60-yo baby clothes?

    Robbie @ Going Green Mama´s last post…For our farmers market friend

  40. I, too, have been blessed with lots of hand-me-downs from friends. These usually came in diaper boxes and easily fit on the shelf in the closet. When it was almost time for my son to be the next size up, I went through those diaper boxes, sorted, and filled just one plastic tub for that size. For size 2T alone, there were 58 pajamas! Wow! I pick my favorites, and then pass on the rest to others or charity. I’m glad someone else uses the plastic bins idea. But, remember, when in a pinch, diaper boxes work great!

  41. I have just been looking at all my childrens clothes wondering how I can possibly keep it all together … so thankyou for helping me get started!

    bronya´s last post…what’s the day again?

  42. I can hardly sort something out that is cute. I usually make something else out of it. Like a small cuddle pillow out of an outgrown personalized t-shirt from my daughter. Or I make little sock puppets from old tights or leggings. Name brand clothing usually gets sold on ebay and handmade clothing I resell. Sometimes I think I spent more time reorganizing my kids closets than anything else in the house;)

    whimsy*couture*sewing*turtorials´s last post…NEW WHIMSY COUTURE Sewing Tutorial Ebook for reversible CRISS CROSS TUNIC 12m through 12 girls

  43. I totally agree with the bins concept. I do use the large bins only because two fit side by side on the closet floor so nicely. One thought is that I keep two other bins in the basement one labeled “winter” and the other “beach”. In those I keep all the bulky items that would take up waayyy too much space in the upstairs closet, winter coats, mittens, hats, boots, lifejackets, extra swim diapers, rain coats etc. That way i always have a place to go for the seasons essentials (boy or girl) – I interchange those. Plus when friends are over someone is always in need of something for the outside the bins are an easy go to without messing up the closet floor. All the sizes are together.

  44. I really like the idea of the boxes… but with three children of dieffernet ages, boy and girls its hard to find space for all of them.

    Micha´s last post…Freitagsfüller / friday thoughts

  45. A year ago I had twin girls, and i decided to look for the keepsake items I had kept from my older daughters 16 and 19. Well I was floored when i realized I had saved five storage containers full of clothes and did five loads to clean them all and realized that although some still fit the twin girls, that I already had so much new clothes for them I decided to truly keep only a few of those things that I remembered dearly and the rest I’m putting up in a garage sale or donating .

    I even asked my 19 year old daughter if she would like for me to keep for her children someday and she said”no, way mom that is too outdated” so the sentimental value is mine and not theirs. What was I thinking? I could literally open a baby c

  46. 10 weeks after the birth of my third child (and first boy) I have begun to ruthlessly give away infant clothing. I am going through anything that is too small and offering the best to my pregnant friends. The rest is being donated to Goodwill. It was a leap of faith, but I finally realized that if God provides me with any more children, He will provide me with clothes so they won’t have to go naked.

  47. I do the same thing with my kids clothes. I have 2 girls that are 15 months apart. With the clothes in the tote bins and labeled for what size they are it makes it easy to just pull out the size that my younger daughter needs. I really like the idea of having a separate tote for the special items. Right now I have everything together, not sure when I will actually be able to part with any of their baby clothes, but if the special things are already out it will make it a lot easier.

  48. This is definitely one of my biggest challenges with organization. We have three children (ages 3 and under) with a fourth on the way. We also have no money for clothing so when people give us hand-me-downs we gladly accept them. However, typically there are way more clothes than each child needs.

    I have such a hard time getting rid of them because we would like to have more children and as it is the clothing that was given to our oldest daughter will now go through both of her younger sisters.

    I try to only keep about 5 days worth of play clothes but find it hard to part with the nicer items knowing that by the time they get to girl number 3 there may not be as many nice outfits to choose from. Also as they get older the clothing takes up much more room and don’t even get my started on how much space those fancy Christmas and Easter dresses take up :)
    Allyson @ a Heart for Home´s last post…Mamapedia- 30 to ShoeMallcom for 10 plus Free Shipping

  49. I’m getting ready to do a major downsize, and this is really helpful. The most helpful piece of advice was to keep one weeks worth of clothes in the size and season. That makes sense and will help me decide what to keep and what goes and how much to keep. Also accepting free children’s clothes – I end up taking whatever people give me and end up with a huge excess of children’s clothes (I have 4 boys~!) This was very helpful. I agree with you about saving baby clothes – I did for 7 years and it saved me a lot – I always had what I needed when a new one came along. Now that I”m done having kids, it’s fabulous to finally pass them on, and surprisingly many are still in great shape!
    Leslie´s last post…My Favorite Parenting Books

  50. Reviewing your clothing posts before I do our autumn closet sort out. Just thought I would add something that is helping us right now. When I resorted my elder son’s old clothes for the baby I kept out all the socks and shoes and stored them separately. My younger son’s feet are growing at a different rate to my elder one, he is about a size bigger than his brother at the same age/clothes size. I’m grateful every time we come home from the shoe store and I can rummage for ‘new’ socks without getting everythig out.

  51. I love, love, love going through my daughters clothes, sorting and organizing them. I put clothes that no longer fit her in the spare bedroom and then sort them by size and pack them away in labeled empty diaper boxes. It’s so nice that kids keep going up in size and never go back down in size (like we adults can do) so once I put her clothes away, I know I won’t need to dig them back out until we have another baby.

    We were offered hand-me-downs from several different families, but I only took what I thought we’d use. My daughter has quite a lot of clothes in each size, but since we can go through several outfits in a day (mostly due to her being at the stage of learning to feed herself), I like to have plenty of clean clothes on hand so I don’t absolutely have to do laundry at the spur of the moment.